We are excellent at Renewing Energy

Quintas Renewable Energy Solutions Ltd is a private limited liability company specializing in Renewable Energy (Solar & Biomass) generation, Energy management and farm-gate Industrial cluster development. The company was founded by Dr. Omotayo Dairo in 2009.

The company manufactures Power inverters, fabricate simple agro processing machinery to process farm gate produce beyond primary raw material levels, Top-lit updraft gasifiers (TLUD), Updraft gasifiers with embedded combustors for efficient biomass energy utilisation, water in tube boilers to generate steam at varied volumes and pressures, and steam turbines of different power out for mechanical and electrical energy generation. These products are geared towards Farm gate Industrial processing and rural development.


Quintas Energies Group is made up of four arms of renewable energy generation, distribution and management

Quintas runs a unique business model of manufacturing, deployment of equipment to self owned farm gate industrial setups to provide services and earn returns through barter trade, direct sales of manufactured equipment that does industrial processing of food, sales from our showroom and through distributors/partners.

Solar and Inverter Technologies

Solar array with or without storage facilities (accumulators) and Inverters for electricity generation

Water in tube Boiler Technologies

Four models of 150KW, 375KW, 750KW and 1,500KW with super-heaters to support our different models

Steam Turbine Technologies

Single and multi-stage pressure and velocity compounded back pressure steam turbines

Gasifiers and Farmgate Industrial Processing Equipment

Simple tools to enhance agricultural production and food processing are powered by clean energy technologies
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Our values are our guiding beliefs that they shape our behaviour, relationships and work ethics.

1Efficiency - We are built to deliver and optimize our operation processes, to meet the needs and desires of our clients. Our timelines and production processes are always kept in focus.
2Innovation -We are constantly innovating, with increased productivity and improved comfort of our clients at the base of our cogitation.
3Excellence - Quintas derives its meaning from the Latin word QUINTUS which means excellence. As our name portrays, we strive each day to make all our products excellent and futuristic.
4Balance - We find a beautiful balance between work and play. We also bring this into business relationships as well.
5Practicability - We are driven by the desire to not just achieve excellence, but to create products and services that are easy to use and relevant to our target consumers.