Quintas Renewable Energy Solutions Ltd

Integrated clean energy generation for rural and sub-urban usage in Nigeria

Quintas Renewable Energy Solutions Ltd is a private limited liability company specializing in Renewable Energy (Solar & Biomass) generation, Energy management and farm-gate Industrial cluster development. The company was founded by Dr. Omotayo Dairo in 2009. Quintas Renewable Energy Solutions Limited is a private limited liability Company registered under the Company act in Nigeria, to provide services in the Renewable Energy and Distributed power generation Industries throughout Nigeria

We manufactures Power inverters, fabricate simple agro processing machinery to process farm gate produce beyond primary raw material levels, Top-lit updraft gasifiers (TLUD), Updraft gasifiers with embedded combustors for efficient biomass energy utilisation, water in tube boilers to generate steam at varied volumes and pressures, and steam turbines of different power out for mechanical and electrical energy generation geared towards Farm gate Industrial processing and rural development.


Some of our products


Inventions and Innovations

At Quintas, we package and deliver energy in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner to earn our envied leadership status in the Global Renewable Energy Industry

Quintas Biomass Energy Generation and Management Systems

Quintas has four models of 150KW, 375KW, 750KW and 1,500KW with super-heaters to support our different models of turbines for electricity generation. These boilers could be used as standalone steam generators in the processing Industries.

Quintas Farm Gate Clean Energy Industrial Cluters

One of the causes of endemic poverty in Africa is her inability to process her agricultural produce beyond primary production level before sales. Lack of access to energy coupled with poor Industrial processing techniques are major challenges that rural and semi urban dwellers face in Africa.

Quintas Steam Turbines/Power plants

Quintas has designed single and multi-stage pressure and velocity compounded back pressure steam turbines to run at 1,500RPM for off grid distributed (embedded) electricity generation.

Quintas Solar Technologies and Inverter

We provide solar street/compound lighting facilities for clients, we deploy solar array with or without storage facilities (accumulators) and Inverters for electricity generation for clients too.